Choosing the right electrical company to do work at your home or business isn’t the easiest think to achieve.

Choosing the right electrical company to do work at your home or business isn’t the easiest think to achieve, especially if you have never worked with them before! Just for a bit of education we have decided to give you five top tips on how to choose an electrician to work with – from where to find electricians, to asking the right questions and selecting the right electrician for you.


  1. Define what you need

Before you even begin looking for a sparky you need to figure out what work you need done. Knowing what you’re looking for from the beginning helps when you are searching for the right company. If you are after a few things fixing or a full remodel it’s important to have a plan set out.


  1. Search for an Electrical Company

In the search for an electrical company there are a number of avenues you can take. The main and most powerful one is word of mouth. If someone has had a good experience with an electrician you will be more open to giving them a good yourself. Next, have a Google. If you are looking at house requirements or commercial electricians then you can check based on your location.


  1. Check references

Once you’ve had a search and picked a few companies you fancy, then check out their reviews and testimonials if one stands out from the rest  then you are closer to nailing down your company.


  1. Check licenses and insurance

Of course, for the safety of your home or business, it’s worth checking the company’s license and insurance information. Although it’s rare, if something unexpected were to happen, you want to ensure you’re covered in the case of any damage or injury.


  1. Get a quote

Most electrical companies provide quotes before you decide to start your project which is a great way to know things like, costs for your project, timeframes, and most importantly allowing you to get to know the company better. The cheapest does not necessarily mean the best, getting a range of quotes can help you establish what is reasonable while also exposing you to a range of professionals in the electrical industry.


Choosing an electrical company can seem daunting, these five top tips can guide you in the right direction so you know you can go out and pick your electricians with confidence. Hope this helps you with when you start your next exciting project.


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